1vd- ftv boost pressure

Instead, a stepper motor or electric actuator does the job of actuating the vanes. This Stepper Motor is a separate component from the turbochargers, and can be replaced without replacing the entire turbo. If there is a general boosting issue, it may only be a faulty Stepper Motor causing the problem. And rev range may be limited to below rpm as a result.

If this happens, check for physical problems or symptoms apparent in the turbo. Look for excess movement in the compressor impeller wheel indicating wear with high pitch noise as a result or oil leaks.

Toyota 1VD-FTV 4.5L V8 D Engine Review

At such times, its a good idea to scan the vehicle with a scan tool. A typical code looks something like this: P 34 -Turbo stepper motor circuit intermittent. Most often the turbocharger OR just the stepper motor are at fault, not both at once. If a Stepper Motor issue is confirmed, you can just replace the faulty component. In the recent past, you were only able to purchase complete turbo units with actuator attached.

This is expensive and no is longer the cased. Below is a quick solution entire turbo can remain on the vehicle AND a solution that can save several thousand dollars! Purchase and replace the stepper motor only! Do you have a problem as described above? Does your fault code indicate the issue is with the stepper motor? If so, we have a very cost-effective, aftermarket replacements. The stepper motors come with a 24 month warranty which is twice the 12 month warranty of the original OEM.

If you have any other query on matching turbo parts for your vehicle, please feel free to contact our sales support on: Stepper Motor Replacement — Check First At such times, its a good idea to scan the vehicle with a scan tool.

Aftermarket Replacements. Best Price.Select cars to compare from your search results or vehicle pages. Maximising the mighty Toyota V8 diesel donk. This was spurred on by the distrust of common-rail injection technology, with the early 3. The prejudice continues to this day — just check out the second-hand market prices of same-year 3.

In fact, when the single-turbo was introduced, it had exactly the same peak power and torque of the straight-six diesel 1HD-FTE it was replacing. So, how can you change your stump puller into a potential winner of the traffic-light grand prix? THE diesel engine in its simplest form is a very rudimentary engine.

Petrol engines typically have a compression ratio of aroundwhereas is nothing unusual in a diesel engine. Additionally, diesel has more energy content than petrol, with diesel coming in at The internal-combustion engine is essentially an air pump, and the more efficient you can make that pump, the more likely you are of winning the traffic-light GP. A turbocharger will enable you to recover some of that wasted heat. The motion of the exhaust gases, in combination with the wasted heat, is used to spin a turbocharger exhaust turbine effectively a metal windmill that is then connected by a shaft to the inlet turbocharger compressor wheel.

The side effect of compressing the air is heat, and hot air takes up more space than cooler air, leading to less dense air and less power; though, there is a way to combat power-sucking heat. Air travelling into a bonnet-mounted scoop, as the car is moving forward, is at a greater pressure than the air in the engine bay. This allows the air to flow through the intercooler, taking some of the heat generated in the intake charge caused by the turbocharger through the intercooler to be dissipated to the atmosphere.

A cooler and therefore denser air intake charge will contain more oxygen, therefore producing more power. However, there is a common misconception that painting or colouring an intercooler black will increase its efficiency. It is true that a black object will shed heat via radiation more quickly than bare aluminium surface, but when you flow cooling air through the intercooler, benefiting from the convective heat transfer capabilities of the intercooler, the layer of black paint acts as a thermal insulator.

It actually reduces the heat transfer to the atmosphere. As well as air-to-air intercoolers, water-to-air units are available. There is also the added complexity of pumps and water lines. Secondly, look at the difference between the ram head and an open snorkel. It should certainly convince punters not to get a backward-facing stainless drainpipe snorkel in place of a proper ram-head-equipped one.It was fitted to the series Land Cruiser range. This was a single Garrett GTAv turbo as available herebut it is not the focus of this page.

A twin-turbo variant was introduced in September and fitted to the series Land Cruiser Wagon. Some series owners have complained about problems relating to excess oil use with twin turbo Series. Some of this appears to relate to faulty oil system components. With indications that vacuum pumps and problems with the oil strainer blocking could be at fault. Others believe excess oil consumption may be the fault of the seals in the IHI turbochargers. Excess oil use aside, more serious turbo problems appear to come from dust ingress into the IHI turbochargers.

More specifically, the left side from driving position turbocharger appears to be more prone. Vehicles driven in more remote areas on unsealed roads, like those used in the mining industry, are more prone to this foreign object damage FOD.

If you own a series diesel V8 and it has been used like this, there is a high possibility the turbo may already have FOD. It may not exhibit any symptoms just yet. Due to its position, the right-side turbocharger is less likely to suffer this acute FOD than the left-side.

However, if one of the turbos e.

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LHS has to be replaced, then it is recommended best practice, to have both turbochargers replaced at the same time. But it is not entirely necessary, and often dependent on your financial situation.

In this case, it appears that an aftermarket filter system is not better. But the OEM filter will not necessarily completely cure the issue. However, anecdotal evidence suggests it may slow the problem occurring.

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So perhaps consider changing back to OEM filtering and perhaps change the air filtration system on a more regular basis. It might be worth doing a full service before the usual 10,km mark on the Land Cruiser Series V8, to protect that dual turbocharger system. Neither under or over fill the oil sump.

1vd- ftv boost pressure

An over-filled sump creates higher pressure that pushes against the oil flowing out of the turbo oil dump lines. And it is an absolute requirement, to have oil and filter and air filter changed when a new turbocharger is installed. If you currently have a Land Cruiser Series Diesel V8 IHI Turbo that needs replacing, we supply very cost-effective suitable after market replacements for both left and right turbos.

The turbochargers come with a 2 year warranty, double 1 year warranty period of original OEM turbochargers. If you have any other query on matching turbo parts for your vehicle, please feel free to contact our sales support on: As always, engine sludge build-up, can be a contributing factor in turbocharger problems. Aftermarket Replacements.

Best Price.I was in disbelief that anyone would want to use something so slow and noisey. I asked why and they said it used less fuel than the petrol equivalent and the fuel was cheaper.

Ok so I had my answer and yet always wondered if the sacrifice was worth it. At about the same time I was given a book for my 12th birthday on formula 1 cars.

I was very interested in the engine sizes and quoted power. Well, it was and many were turbocharged…. Wow a miracle power increase…. I have always been interested in internal combustion engines and followed the history of them. Later when I could buy my own vehicle, my quest was to increase the power. After a few naturally aspirated engines I bought a small car with a turbo, EFI and a Haltech programmable computer.

This is where I first did programming26yrs old. Detonation at 14psi was an issue so I added water injection which allowed an easy 18psi on 91 octane. But the detonation still bothered me and I realized Diesel engines were immune to it. Gturbo can upgrade fuel pumps, injectors, install chips, intercoolers and exhaust systems, and most importantly tune the vehicle to suit the modifications.

PPTOY200.3/70 Suitable for 70 Series Single Turbo V8 – D4D

They also refurbish fuel pumps, and will tune based on your specific requirements. Not everyone wants the same sort of tune. Gturbo are one of the bigger Diesel Tuning in Perth businesses.

Gturbo uses a Dynocom AWD, with a single large roller for accuracy and all wheel drive capacity. Give him a call; I guarantee you will be impressed. Yep, you read that right; the old Nissan engine was ditched in favour of one of the best engines Toyota has ever made. Boost is a minimum of 32psi from rpm. AFRs start to finish. Safe to over 35psi.This allows the Unichip Trained technician to increase the boost pressure as required.

This helps in keeping the Air Fuel Ratios within a safe limit.

1vd- ftv boost pressure

This means we can control the exact time they open to achieve optimised fuel burn. This will result in lower exhaust gas temperatures and greater engine longevity. However there are rules to follow when increasing fuel rail pressure, these are taken into consideration from all of our trained Unichip Authorised agents.

This allows the Authorised Unichip agent to manipulate the tune on a sliding scale as the engine temperature rises. Meaning: As the engine temperature rises the Unichip Q4 will intercept a signal, removing the fuel, boost and timing, slowly and in a controlled fashion to ensure it maintains maximum power and torque output, without compromising the engine.

This means you can access the 5 maps which can be tailored to your requirements. Speak to your Authorised Unichip agent to tailor 5 tunes to suit your application. This allows the Authorised Unichip agent to manipulate the tune on a sliding scale as the Exhaust temperature rises.

Meaning: As the exhaust temperature rises the Unichip Q4 will intercept a signal, removing the fuel, boost and timing, slowly and in a controlled fashion to ensure it maintains maximum power and torque output, without compromising the engine.

Unichip Plug and play, the market leader in precise accurate tuning for your late model turbo diesel. For your own sake and that of your investment insist on LIVE tuning.

This is hands down the safest, most precise, most diverse Up to 5 different maps and flexible Can be moved from vehicle to vehicle tuning solution on the market go no further than a Unichip!

Plug and Play pricing does not include fitting and tuning. Plug and Play Unichip will require fitting and tuning from Authorized Unichip agent. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. What are the other advantages to the Unichip Q4? About the Unichip Unichip Plug and play, the market leader in precise accurate tuning for your late model turbo diesel.

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Toyota KILLS Its Legendary V8 Turbo Diesel - What's Next?

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent.Toyota started the production of its first in the history V8 diesel engine in The 1VD is a 4.

It has a degree V shape, and cylinder banks have a There is a forged steel crankshaft with seven balance weights on five journals inside the engine block. The bottom end also includes the high-strength steel connecting rods and aluminum alloy pistons with combustion chambers in the piston crown. The 1VD cylinder block has oil jets at the bottom of the cylinder bores which spraying engine oil on the underside of the pistons for better cooling and lubrication. The cylinder heads are made from aluminum alloy.

Each head has intake and exhaust camshafts DOHCvalve or 4 valves per cylinder 32 valves total. The engine uses the combination of a cam gear and timing chain for camshafts rotation. The intake camshafts are driven by a timing chain, while the exhaust camshafts are driven by a gear attached to the intake camshaft. The intake duration is degrees, and exhaust duration is degrees.

Roller rocker arms actuate the valves. The intake valve diameter is a The valve stem diameter of the intake and exhaust valve is the identical - 6 mm. The fuel system is modern. There is common rail D-4D direct injection, nine-hole fuel injectors, and Denso HP4 type fuel supply pump.

Of course, the engine has the glow plugs they are located between the intake valves. Achieving high emission standards, engineers equipped the engine with the water-cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation EGR system and an oxidation catalytic converter. There are not many issues and common problems with the 1VD engine. It has durable and reliable cast iron cylinder block. Early engines until have a potential issue with high oil consumption.

The reason for that is a failed vacuum pump. The updated version of the vacuum pump never caused any problems. The engine doesn't like prolonged operation at high revs. Try to avoid such driving modes. The fuel filter is very sensitive, and a bad fuel will destroy it after a few thousand miles. With proper maintenance and qualitative oil and fuel, the engine life of the 1VD engine is aboutmiles.

Engine Specs Manufacturer. Production years. Cylinder block material. Cylinder head material. Fuel type.


Number of cylinders. Valves per cylinder. Valvetrain layout. Bore, mm. Displacement, cc. Type of internal combustion engine.

1vd- ftv boost pressure

Compression Ratio.Post a comment. Yes, this ECU can be reflashed without a chip change. Clean and sanitary. More to come when I've taken it for both a high altitude and long distance drive to the East coast!

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The boost of the turbo could be heard as one revs the engine gently from idle Posted by yfc at Email This BlogThis! Labels: ECU Flash. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. The ECU is located on the front passenger side Right hand drive car of the engine on the firewall.

Remove the three bolts securing a black plastic electrical box at the bottom before removing the 4 bolts on the ECU flange. The two separate plugs are removed by depressing the plastic arm ends lock tab and rotating the plastic arm towards the edge. These are the EDUs The longer plug is on top.

Remember this when reinstalling the ECU back into the slot. Previous attempt at EGR reduction.

Land Cruiser 200 Series V8 1VD-FTV Turbo Actuator Stepper Motor Problems

Thought I'll clean the pipe of carbon so that the next time I open it again I'd expect it to remain clean as the EGR reduction to nil should be working without CELs coming on. Just to be doubly sure I decided to fully block one end of the EGR pipe with a 34mm block plug lest any of the two EGR valves be leaking Known to be a problem!

The wizards Whatsapped me some progress pictures as they worked on the ECU These wires were connected to enable rewriting of the Toyota ROM Injector Opening duration. I mentioned earlier in the blog if they tuned with increased injector pressure and their reply was in addition to duration and timing changes! That's very pro in the world of diesel tuning I especially requested for a conservative with less smoke at the expense of power tune, wanting my autotrans to survive longer for my enjoyment!

VGT boost pressure under electronic control could be raised a bit! The maps above have raised that to useful high of 1. Torque limiter I really do not know what this is until I ask the tuners


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